I heard somewhere that distilled water is easier on the kidneys.  I don't know if this is true, but it kind of makes sense.  As Roxie's kidney disease progressed, I started using distilled water for all her water needs. This includes not only her drinking water, but water used to cook foods for her such as pasta & rice.  I got tired of lugging home gallons of distilled water or trying to find a place to store them all, when I'd stock up if it was on sale.  So I invested in a countertop distiller.  I also started using home distilled water for our coffee, so that I could cancel the delivery of spring water & help defray the cost of the distiller.  At this point, the countertop distiller has now paid for itself. 

There are a few brands out there, but this is the one I bought.  I purchased it from Nutriteam through Amazon and also buy the filters from Nutriteam.  I initially tried using a vinegar soak to clean the distiller, but found true "residue cleaner" works best.  This is the residue cleaner I buy.

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About two years ago, Roxie got to the point where she couldn't really go for walks.  But I still need to take Timmy for walks & I didn't want her to feel like she was being punished.  So I got a PetGear stroller, through Amazon.  I'm very pleased with my purchase & it was very easy to assemble.  I can even squeeze Timmy in with her, when he gets tired, if we're doing a longer walk.   (Photo coming soon!)
Since one side effect of KD is low body weight (translate: very little body fat), Roxie often gets cold in the cooler months.  It also happens often, after she's been groomed & has less fur.  To keep her warm, she has some hoodies that I bought from BaxterBoo.  I've purchased many things from them & have always been pleased with the products & the service.  I get Roxie the basic sweatshirt/hoody from Zack & Zoey.  They seem to help her stay warm & are comfy enough that she can wear them all day and/or sleep in them all night.  (Photo coming soon!).
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