Roxie at six months old, about a month after she
came to live with us.
Roxie, at 17 years and four months.

Roxie, working on her website
(It's hard to type, when you have paws...)
UPDATE:  Unfortunately, we had to let little Roxie go on 12/29/14.  As always, it's so hard to let them go.  But she had reached a point where we could no longer do anything to retain a good quality of life for her.  Thanks to Dr. Shellee Roe for helping us through Roxie's final months & for helping us with our final act of love for Roxie.

At the time I started this website (September 2014), Roxie is 17 years and 4 months old & has been on kd (kidney diet) since July of 2010 and for the most part, is still enjoying life.  She sleeps a lot & has certain aches & pains, especially when she first gets up.  But then so do we.  She hasn't been able to jump up on the furniture for many years now.  For about four years, we had steps that she would use to get on the bed or couch.  But in the past year or so, she's even stopped using them.  She "erfs" when she wants us to put her up or get her down.  She's lost a lot of her hearing & some of her vision.  But when people meet her, they are constantly amazed that she is 17 years old! 

At this time, I am now having to give Roxie fluids under the skin (sub q) every 2 or 3 days.  But she still gets around well, is still happy when we come home & still is excited about breakfast, dinner & snacks.  . 

I am certain she has lived this long due to our wonderful (now retired) veterinarian, Dr. Douglas Hauser who encouraged me to be proactive when we first noticed the early signs of KD in July 2010.  If you're reading this, it's probably because you have a pet who has been diagnosed with KD, so I would encourage you to start your dog on KD, even if it's still in the early stages.

The information here is not & should not be construed as medical/veterinary advice or a substitute for it. 
If your pet has renal failure or appears to be ill, please take him to a trusted veterinarian.
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