So now you may be wondering..."WHAT can I feed my dog???"  Don't fret!!!  There are many things you can feed your dog that are KD friendly.  I live in a metropolis, so it's normally pretty easy for me to find KD friendly foods.  If you live in a very rural area, it may not be so easy for you.  But thanks to the internet, there may be some/many items you can order online.
The information here is not & should not be construed as medical/veterinary advice or a substitute for it. 
If your pet has renal failure or appears to be ill, please take him to a trusted veterinarian.
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Roxie loves chicken, fruits & vegetables.  I think she's unusual in that she loves fresh cantaloupe, canned
peaches and she just goes nuts when I am frying her some white meat chicken.  This is fortunate for me
because all these things are KD friendly. 

In general, I try to adhere to these guidelines:

- protein is restricted to white meat chicken, 15% fat hamburger, egg whites (no yolks, due to phosphorus   
- protein is restricted to about 1/3 of the meal
- low salt diet
- no whole grains
- no dairy
- no bananas (due to potassium content)
- oils restricted to salmon, olive & coconut
- no oatmeal, due to phosphorus content
- water is restricted to distilled water- drinking & cooking (IE rice, pasta)
- Snacks - saltines with unsalted tops, animal crackers & baby carrots.  (She LOVES baby carrots!)
Animal crackers
unsalted stock
green beef tripe
fruits & vegetables
starchy carbohydrates
baby food
Here are some of the items I keep on hand for the lovely Miss Roxie's dining pleasure. Use the arrows to view previous/next items.  Use the dots to jump to a specific item & all the items.  Click on the picture of the item for more information.